Interactive Performances

I write and run various interactive performances, the aims of which is to get participants to engage with political and communal themes. Most of my performances involve some form of art-making, such as collaging, drawing, and zine-making.

“Between Production Lines” – interactive art-based role-playing performance, The Smoke Festival, June 2022 (upcoming).

Between Production Lines is a larp about the conflicting nature of placing human beings in rational, mechanized, capitalist systems. It is a larp about human nature and emotions, as well as how these can be expressed when suppressed.

The setting is a capitalist utopia of an industrial production line, with players enacting the employees or cogs of the system. The context pushes the characters to be as rational and objective as possible, yet human nature emerges to push back with emotions and subjective experiences. Characters will slowly begin discovering and interacting with emotions individually and communally.

“Devil in the Details” (as part of Dystopian Sock Puppets) – interactive online theatre performance, Aug 2021 -March 2022.

“Eventually, you knew that the excitement and hedonism of those times would get to you.” 

Devil in the Details is an online interactive performance by Dystopian Sock Puppets (Hazel Anneke Dixon and Usva Inei) about creating art while ravaged by deep dark secrets. 

Your family has come together to perform a powerful ritual. In order to keep living your extravagant lifestyle, you’re going to have to pledge yourself to a dark and mysterious power. Using an ancient first edition of the Picture of Dorian Grey, you’ve managed to find a way to store hardships – poverty, obsolescence, ageing – into a portrait. However, with any benefit comes dangerous warnings. What consequences might arise from making a deal with the devil?

This online interactive performance is designed for 4-8 participants and lasts 3 hours. The performance will switch between two alternating scenes. In the first, you will be playing members of a socialite family coming together to live out their personal dramas. In the second, you will be playing demons who have been given control over individual portraits. As part of the performance, you will be editing a portrait of yourself using art materials you can gather yourself.

“Ministry of Media and Art” (as part of Dystopian Sock Puppets) – live action online role-playing game, Jan-April 2021.

Ministry of Media and Art (MoMaA) is a LARP about the everyday life of a ministry employee in the post-Brexit, post-Covid dystopian right-wing Great Britain. The purpose of the ministry is to regulate the production of media, approve the production of different bits of media, and punish those who fall out of line.

Characters are employees of the visual art subsection of MoMaA. Their job is to ensure that all art falls in line with the aims of the government: individuality, personal responsibility, and idealistic views of society. Because of that, there are a number of codified rules for visual art such as, products must only use certain approved colours, they must never show businesses in a negative or critical light, they must include representation of a wide variety of ‘good consumers.’

In a post-Covid society, all offices have been banned for cost efficiency reasons. All employees must work at home, but are carefully monitored there via video and chat functions.

This game focuses on themes around bureaucracy, individuality, regulation of art, passive oppression, and consumerism. In essence, how do you make art meaningful under capitalism?

The game is loosely inspired by content such as 1984, Brave New World, Soviet Realism, and *gestures wildly at society*.

“Creating New Worlds” – interactive art-based role-playing performance, The Smoke Festival, Jan 2020.

A group of non-human beings have had to abandon their world for an unknown reason and are travelling to a new world, untouched by sentient beings. The larp will involve the creation of a new society and a new world by and for these beings. The larp will involve three different scenes, which will be accompanied by different audio and visual cues. Creating New Worlds is an art-based larp, which explores the combination of role-playing and art-based workshop. The larp is completely non-verbal and will ask participants to communicate through art-making and the use of various art materials (such as paints, pencils, markers, playdough, paper, thread, etc.). Please note that you absolutely do not need to have any experience in art-making. Art-making will be workshopped and discussed in detail prior to the actual larp.

Pre-Packaged Knowledge – interactive performance, Spatial Construction and Performance Exhibition, Newington Gallery, Nov 2019.

This interactive performance was set up like a fake lecture, during which participants had to fill in feedback forms and be evaluated based on them. “Pre-packaged knowledge” critiques the commodification of higher education, focusing specifically on how we evaluate and thus value education in Western culture.

The performance tied into University and College Union (UCU) strike action in winter of 2019.